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Production Offer: We offer wide range of black and galvanized flanges: -flanges and loose -threaded flanges -cervical collars, type 13 -flange caps -flat flanges for welding -rings for welding Our products are made of welded materials adapted to different ranges of pressure. Materials have all of require standards, approvals, and authorizations. Also we provide services such as: machining, boulders, welding, and cutting gas and plasma. We guarantee high quality of our products. Welcome to our offer, and to become one of our satisfied customers. Commercial Offer: INSTAL S.C. apart from producing steel flanges and rings, we provide as well industrial fittings: -Hamburg's knees -tees -bottoms -joint thread -threaded connections -compounds -seals -and other


Width: from 5 mm to 800 mm

Height: from 5 mm to 65 mm

Length: from 5 mm to 800 mm

Weight: from 1 kg to 110 kg


stainless steel acid-proof black steel


ISO 9001


Mechanical Gas Plasma
Turning Milling Drilling/boring/reaming
zinc plating


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Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Świętokrzyska 20

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