MAKRI - gięcie rur, profili, kompleksowa obróbka metali wraz z malowaniem proszkowym | Kościan, Nowy Lubosz, ul. Kościańska 15

MAKRI Group sp. Z o. O. Sp. K. is located near Poznań. Is a dynamically developing company that specializes in bending pipes, square, rectangular, oval and atypical special profiles. The company implements projects of both simple and advanced details, as well as complete products requiring additional processes. We provide professional advice in the production of details and selection of the best material. We have two modern CNC pipe benders renowned Italian company MACRI. They have a number of modern technological solutions that allow bending details with diam. up to 65 mm and wall thickness up to 6 mm, with a precision of 0.1 mm. We carry out projects in a comprehensive manner. We also provide services in the field of general locksmithing (punching, laser burning, metalworking, sheet metal bending), TIG and MIG / MAG welding. We also have a powder paint shop, in cooperation we galvanize details.


Width: from 30 mm to 3000 mm

Height: from 100 mm to 3000 mm

Length: from 30 mm to 6000 mm

Weight: from 1 kg to 1500 kg


stainless steel acid-proof Aluminum black steel


ISO 9001


rolling bending
Turning Milling Drilling/boring/reaming Grinding Machine tool manufacturing
MIG welding MAG welding TIG welding electrode welding pressure welding
grinding trimming
galvanisation zinc plating powder coating


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Kościan, Nowy Lubosz, ul. Kościańska 15

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