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Welcome „ARMET-CNC” is a young rapidly developing company established to provide clients services and goods of the highest quality. Our 15-year- experience in the industry, gained in external company, lets us to fulfill expectations of even the most demanding clients. Solid quality In our company the CNC pressing proces is carried out on the leading manufacturers’ lathes, thanks to what we can provide not only precisely made services but also high productivity in the serial and multiserial item processing. The rich experience in this industry lets us to adjust the whole process to the clients’ needs and expectations. The clients’ satisfaction is our priority, so we make every effort to meet all their requirements.


Width: from 8 mm to 406 mm

Height: from 8 mm to 406 mm

Length: from 20 mm to 584 mm

Weight: from 1 kg to 60 kg


non-ferrous Cast steel stainless steel acid-proof Aluminum Brass copper Plastics


Turning Milling Drilling/boring/reaming Chiselling


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Bystrzyca Kłodzka, Wilkanów 90