Obróbka CNC | Wojnicz, Rudka 57

CNC machining of plastics and metals.


Width: from 10 mm to 2000 mm

Height: from 10 mm to 600 mm

Length: from 10 mm to 4000 mm

Weight: from 1 kg to 500 kg


non-ferrous Cast iron Cast steel stainless steel acid-proof Aluminum high-strength Brass copper Plastics Other materials black steel


Mechanical Laser Water-jet
pressing bending
Turning Milling Drilling/boring/reaming Chiselling Grinding Machine tool manufacturing
Gas welding MIG welding MAG welding
polishing grinding trimming
EDM Spark machining
hardening annealing cold treatment tempering nitriding carburizing
galvanisation zinc plating chromium plating blackening phosphate coating nickel plating surfacing spraying powder coating
Metal strength tests Certification of materials
Design of machine elements 3D printing


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Wojnicz, Rudka 57