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In addition to the production of products constructed by us, we manufacture parts and equipment based on documentation entrusted by the customer. We have extensive experience gained through the production of such machine and equipment components as: chain hoists and conveyor systems for mining, winches, gears for winches, aggregates and engines hydraulic, gears, bodies, foundations, frames, wheels and gears. We work with clients from the following industries: mining, maritime, energy, construction machinery.


Width: from 2500 mm to 50 mm

Height: from 1600 mm to 50 mm

Length: from 4000 mm to 50 mm

Weight: from 15000 kg to 1 kg


stainless steel Aluminum black steel


Mechanical Plasma
Turning Milling Drilling/boring/reaming Chiselling Grinding
MIG welding TIG welding
EDM Spark machining
hardening tempering carburizing
powder coating
Design of machine elements


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Gniew, ul. Przemysłowa 1