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We invite you to another dimension of business cooperation! No.1 CNC and 3D Printing Service Platform in Poland. The largest and most modern Platform bringing together hundreds of companies from the CNC, 3D Printing and KNOW-HOW support industries. What makes us stand out? In LaserTrade, you add query and file ONLY 1 time. The automatic system transmits your inquiry to all Contractors :) Without wasting time sending dozens of inquiries, you receive ready-made solutions from us. In your Customer Panel, we sort the offers by: price, delivery date, conditions, payment, Contractor's location. You place your order from one place. It couldn't be easier!


Width: from 1 mm to 5000 mm

Height: from 1 mm to 5000 mm

Length: from 1 mm to 5000 mm

Weight: from 1 kg to 5000 kg


non-ferrous Cast iron Cast steel stainless steel acid-proof Aluminum high-strength Brass copper Plastics Other materials black steel


casting by hand Centrifual casting Die-casting
Mechanical Gas Plasma Laser Water-jet
die-shearing pressing forging rolling bending
Turning Milling Drilling/boring/reaming Chiselling Grinding Machine tool manufacturing
Gas welding MIG welding MAG welding TIG welding electrode welding laser
polishing grinding trimming shot peening electropolishing
EDM Spark machining WDEM Wire electric discharge machining
hardening annealing cold treatment tempering nitriding carburizing
galvanisation zinc plating chromium plating blackening phosphate coating nickel plating
Composition analysis Metal strength tests Certification of materials Measurements 3D scanning Inne
Design of machine elements 3D printing project management


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