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The company deals with making a construction of industrial machines, ready-to-use mechanical devices, constructions and elements supporting production and logistics. We run a design and assembly department, it give us consistent contact which is maintained at every stage of order processing and shorter execution time. We have experience in the automotive and flexographic industry, we are constantly acquiring in the food industry. We prototype, implement new solutions and optimize existing ones.


Width: from 1 mm to 6000 mm

Height: from 1 mm to 6000 mm

Length: from 1 mm to 6000 mm

Weight: from 1 kg to 10000 kg


stainless steel acid-proof Aluminum black steel


Machine tool manufacturing
MIG welding MAG welding TIG welding
polishing szlifowanie trimming
Design of machine elements project management


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Pabanice, Hermanów 34a