Chmieliński Marcin Chmieliński

Wałbrzych, ul. Ludowa 58 0,00 Km

Urdiamant Sp. z o. o.

Bielsko-Biała, ul. Katowicka 3 0,00 Km

Urdiamant specializes in the production of high quality diamond materials (pastes, powders) and tools (for example: grinding wheels, laces, files) for processing. Our company is also responsible for drilling equipment for geology and mining, as well as for oil and gas exploration companies. Our tools are characterized by high durability, professional workmanship, and our main groups of products are: - Diamond and borazon grinding wheels for machining cemented carbide or HSS - Diamond tools for processing glass, electro-porcelain, ceramics: grinding wheels, saws, drills, reamers, etc. - Other tools diamond: dressers, pastes, powders, files, indenters, dies, honing stones, etc. - Diamond tools for the construction and stone industry: saws, cutters, lace, segments, etc. - Diamond tools for drilling for geology, mining, oil and gas, e.g. crowns, drills, calibration rings etc.

Abc-Tools Sp. z o.o.

Świdnica, ul.Bystrzycka 34 0,00 Km

Jesteśmy narzędziownią specjalizującą się w produkcji prototypowej, jednostkowej. Posiadamy doświadczone zaplecze konstrukcyjno - technologiczne. Posiadamy nowoczesny park maszynowy: 5-osiowe centrum obróbcze OPS-Ingersoll przystosowane do obróbki grafitu, frezarki CNC, tokarki CNC, drążarki EDM i WEDM, szlifierki. Specjalizujemy się w projektowaniu i produkcji form wtryskowych i odlewniczych, elektrod grafitowych, wykonywaniem i regeneracją części do form, tłoczników, wykrojników oraz wykonywaniem dowolnych detali technologią skrawania. Wykonujemy naprawy oraz modyfikację narzędzia zgodnie z potrzebami klienta. Wykonujemy okresowe przeglądy form. Zapewniamy doradztwo i opiekę techniczną.

Zakład Zespołów Napędowych

Stalowa Wola, ul. Grabskiego 23 0,00 Km

ZZN - Transmission Plant being a part of LiuGong Dressta Machinery Co. Ltd. with headquarters in Stalowa Wola is a dynamically developing company with traditions in production of powertrain units and toothed parts reaching 45 years. The main products of ZZN are gearboxes, steering drives, final drives and torque converters for crawler dozers, and gearboxes, final drives and axles for wheel loaders. Gears and shafts produced by ZZN are widely used in construction equipment, railway, agricultural machinery, energy and power industries and others. We provide advice in production of details and selection of the best material.

CNC SERETNY Mariusz Seretny

Głuchołazy, Bodzanów 0,00 Km

We specialize mainly in serial metal machining, i.e. from cutting and turning the smallest and simplest parts, to 5-axis milling on modern and highly precise, industrial CNC machines by DMG Mori. We approach each customer individually. We like challenges. We have experience in processing a wide range of materials, i.e. from all kinds of plastics, through grade steels and stainless steels, non-ferrous metals, to hardened and heat-resistant hastelloys or stellites. We are a young team dynamically developing since 2014. We have never used grants or co-financing, and we have come to everything with our own work. We also have our own quality control. We train and improve our qualifications on a regular basis.

Lamdo Sp. Z O. O.

Węgorzewo, Portowa 37 0,00 Km

The LAMDO company offers services with the CNC machine tool for the production of: · Models · Forms · Prototypes · Furniture, furniture in combination with composites · Built-in yachts together with assembly The manufactured elements are made of our own and entrusted material. We carry out small-lot and high-volume unit production. In our machine park we have: · 5-axis CNC machine LAMBDA ST milling machine with a working field - 4000 x 2000 x 1000 mm · Edgebander with pre-milling · Varnishing and heating chamber · Vacuum aggregate · Format saw · Set of metalworking machines We process the following materials: - solid wood, plywood, glued panels - MDF boards - composites - aluminum - steel LAMDO SP. Z OOUl. Sympatyczna 39 B11-500 AntonowoTel: 535-536-404e-mail:


Nowy Kawęczyn, Prandotów 18A 0,00 Km

We invite you to cooperate in the field of sheet metal forming. Cutting, bending, shot blasting, welding, powder coating and 3d design of machinery and equipment. We have a technologically advanced machine park with modern CRP software.



ZM KOLNO S.A. as a leading international producer of high quality technological tooling for machine tools, it constantly improves and develops its product offer in both quantity and quality. The company's achievements have been recognized by Puls Biznesu and the Polish Agency of Entrepreneurship. Currently, an EU project is being implemented under the Regional Operational Program: "Launching the production of modern tool holders thanks to the implementation of innovative solutions in the production plant of ZM Kolno S.A." worth PLN 14 million.



WE MAKE 1. Cnc milling Range of milling: Longitudinal travel of table X-1200mm axis; Transverse travel of table Y-700mm axis; Vertical travel of headstock axis Z-650mm; Table surface 1350 x 600mm Lathe range: Max. Turning diameter 480mm; Max. Turning length 1000mm2. Constructions steel: storage sheds, staircases, cereal warehouses, grain transport equipment, load-bearing structures of building structures 3. Mechanical treatment: all types of valves for industrial water: cold and hot, inert gases and steam, shafts for grain mills, spare parts for grain conveyors4 The scope of repair works: repairs of water and steam valves up to DN-250, repairs of bucket, chain and screw conveyors with spare parts making, repairs of agricultural and transport equipment as well as aggregates 5. Christmas tree packing We have made our product making it an extremely comfortable and ergonomic tool for packing Christmas trees in sacks. It can be handled e by one employee.

PPHU Wistal

Kościelec, Gozdów 3 A 0,00 Km

Forgings, forged bars, bottoms, machining

Zakłady Mechaniczne Ostrowiec Sp. z o.o.

Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, ul. Centralnego Okręgu Przemysłowego 12 0,00 Km

Zakłady Mechaniczne Ostrowiec Sp. z o .. is a private company founded in 2007. We have been dealing with rough machining since the beginning of our activity. Mechanical processing of the supplied parts is performed on the following machines: 1. Universal lathes: - max. Length of the processed detail - 3.100mm; - max. diameter of the processed detail - 900mm; - max. weight - 8 tons, - turning over bed fi - 1250mm. 2. Vertical lathe: - max. diameter of the processed detail - 2350mm, - max. height of the processed detail - 1500mm, - max. weight of workpiece - 8 tons. 3. Milling and boring machine: - table length - 1500mm, - table width - 1500mm - max. weight of workpiece - 8 tonnes 4. Gantry milling machine: - table width 900mm, - max. length of workpiece - 5000mm - max. weight of workpiece - 8 tons. 5. Band saw: - max. diameter of the cut detail - 330mm More information on our website

CERTOOLS Sp. j. Cefam sp. z o. o. sp. k., mkHan sp. z o. o. sp. k.

Pabianice, Wspólna 23B 0,00 Km

Certools is a Polish family company with over 30-year production experience of LPG and CNG filter units, catridges, brass sanitary fittings and providing of the CNC turning and milling subcontract services. In its machine park the company has: CNC turning centers with extensive kinematics, clenching and threading devices. We also offer vibro-abrasive processing, ultrasonic cleaning, drilling, cutting and laser marking services.Certools machine park consists of: automatic, high-efficient CNC machining centers, electronic screw tapping machine, laser marker, automatic drills, ultrasonic washes, vibro-abrasive machining devices, automatic saws, hydraulic presses and conventional lathes. Please visit our websites:,


Łukta, ul. Kościelna 6 0,00 Km

We are a producer of high quality metal and plastic products. We have been operating in the machining industry since 1997. The crew consists of qualified constructors, technologists and toolmakers with many years of experience. We have a comprehensive machine park that we are systematically modernizing. As part of the technologies we use, we use certified materials of proven producers. We are a supplier of reputable domestic and foreign companies. This cooperation results in the production experience gained. The involvement of all employees and strong motivation to ensure high quality of products and services made strengthens our position on the market, enabling the further development of the company and its employees. We are convinced that this positively distinguishes us from the competition.

uslugi Slusarsko Tokarskie Dzialalnosc Handlowa Taciak Barbara

Nochowo, Nochowo ul Wiejska 54 0,00 Km

hello, we provide machining services on convection machines, cnc turning and milling 3.4 and 5 axes, we manufacture hydraulic cylinders and carry out comprehensive repair of cylinders, we also produce hydraulic hoses, we have a large machine park, thanks to which we undertake all metalwork with welding black stainless steel and aluminum for such a small family business and large professional experience allows me to carry out larger and larger professional projects I will gladly undertake the production of machining and locksmith parts