South bay Solutions Europe Sp. z o.o.

Jasionka, Jasionka 954 0,00 Km

The company produces (using CNC machines Matsuura, Makino, Doosan) high-quality precision components and sub-assemblies used in the following industries: aerospace, medical, defense, rail, machine, oil and gas. We have already produced tens of thousands of components in various types and sizes, from very small a few millimeters to precise components measuring 1500 mm x 600 mm, from various types of materials: plastics, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, inconel. Link to the photo gallery with some parts that we have produced: https: // The company has a very good machine park, very well equipped quality control and young, creative, ambitious employees. We have implemented the following quality management systems: AS9100, ISO 13485, 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001. The company has also ERP management system. The company has a license for military production. We invite you to cooperation.


Poczesna, Nowa Wieś, ul. Kopalniana 11 0,00 Km

We have a diverse machine park adapted for both small and large-scale production. The quality of our services is confirmed by IATF and ISO certificates. Our services are mainly the production of small metal components for the automotive industry, however, we have been successfully developing our activities in the chandelier and furniture industries for several years, etc. mass cutting of pipes, rods and profiles on CNC devices, based on modern technology, including the Italian company PEDRAZZOLI. the possibility of cutting materials with cross-sections: Round Square Rectangular. In the machining process - turning from bars or pipes on CNC and conventional machines - turning and milling on CNC machines - making external threads by rolling method in the scope - making internal threads; - CNC milling.

Fabryka Broni "Łucznik" - Radom sp. z o.o.

Radom, ul. A. Grobickiego 23 0,00 Km

Fabryka Broni "Łucznik" - Radom sp. Z o. O. Has machines and technologies related to metal processing and refining. These include cutting, precision cutting, plastic forming, heat and thermo-chemical treatment, galvanic coatings and laboratory tests. Since 2017, the company is undergoing a thorough modernization of the machine park, which has contributed to a significant increase in production capacity and the range of technologies used, many of which are unique. With this potential, we offer companies from the metal industry to establish cooperation.

Produkcja Wynajem Maszyn

Grudziądz, Zakład Produkcyjny oraz Magazyn 86-302 Biały Bór Teren Terminala Celnego 0,00 Km

We are a contracted provider of metal services – an outsourcing partner. You can check our quality by ordering a sample series after you have accepted our offer. We offer: • Design • Construction • Prototyping • Tool manufacturing • Product development • Serial production • Single part or complete unit • Complete assembly or part assembly • Quality ensured working methods Our processes: • Laser cutting • Punching soft tooling „TRUMPF” • Punching hard tooling "AIDA" • Bending CNC "SAFAN" • Cut in WEDM • Milling CNC "HASS" • Welding • Surface treatment • Inserting • Tapping • Flow drill • Drilling • Assembly From Januar 2018 we have new machine in house is WEDM . Mitsubishi MF1200R. Send your inquiry in STEP or DXF file and investigate our prices! Thanks.


Wasilków, NADRZECZNA 22 0,00 Km

Jesteśmy polską firmą produkcyjną z ponad 10-letnią historią. Zajmujemy się szeroko pojętą obróbką stali i w tej dziedzinie jesteśmy ekspertem. Nie ma dla nas rzeczy niemożliwych! Oferujemy szeroki zakres usług takich jak: - wyoblanie CNC do 1600mm (największa wyoblarka w Polsce!) - śrutowanie elektrokorundem szlachetnym - malowanie proszkowe oraz malowanie mokre lub hybrydowe (nowoczesna malarnia oferuje malowanie proszkowe oraz mokre na jednej linii) - chemiczne przygotowanie powierzchni do malowania (mycie automatyczne, fosforowanie) - walcowanie CNC blach i prętów - profilowanie rur i profili stalowych - spawanie TIG i MIG - prasa krawędziowa CNC (do 3 metrów) - szlifowanie ręczne i taśmowe Zapraszamy do kontaktu: Firma BENDEX telefon: +48 85 710 46 45 e-mail: strona internetowa:

Concept Engineering

Gdynia, Plac Kaszubski 8/311 0,00 Km

We successfully use repair methods consisting of welding, welding and repairing elements made of difficult-to-weld and non-weldable materials (cast iron, aluminum alloys, etc.) - METALOCK. The method of "cold sewing" Metalock was developed in the 1930s for the needs of industry oil. It can be used in places where an electric arc or an open fire can be a real fire hazard. Correctly made connections restore 100% efficiency and tightness of repaired components. Repairs can be carried out in our workshop or at the customer's - in case of difficulties with disassembly of the elements to be repaired. We invite you to cooperation.



Everyone who is looking for developing partner in the field of metalworking, find him in our company. We have many years of experience in the metalworking services as well as ambition and the desire to develop. We will take on any challenge in the area of metalworking. Systematically increased qualifications of the empolyees and our experience, combined with a cutting edge and developed machinery, guarantee the highest quality of our services, and allow us to execute even the most complex orders. The dynamic and flexibility in action make us stand out from the competition. We use every experience gained to the satisfaction of our Customers. Laser cutting, bending, welding and machining are our passion.

MK Chemix

Mielec, Podleszany 188 A 0,00 Km

MK Chemix specializes in CNC metalworking technology. We offer CNC milling, CNC turning, threading and drilling. We are one of the better equipped enterprises operating on the Polish market, which operates in the CNC machining industry. Specializing in the treatment of: carbon steels, stainless steels, gray and ductile iron, aluminum, brass, bronze, forgings, castings and plastics. All metalworking in the latest CNC technology.

Bonus Specto Wojciech Kalich Sp.K.

Wągrowiec, Kcyńska 35 0,00 Km

Machining, welding of all steels, assembly. Execution of parts for marine engines, rolled and turned screws, thermo-chemical treatment such as carburizing, hardening, galvanizing, wet and powder painting, sandblasting.

FAMUR SA Systemy Transportowe Pioma

Piotrków Trybunalski, Romana Dmowskiego 38 0,00 Km

Grupa FAMUR to ponad sto lat doświadczenia i zaawansowana myśl inżynierska, które wpływają na zwiększanie efektywności i bezpieczeństwa pracy odbiorców naszych rozwiązań. W Oddziale Systemów Transportowych PIOMA świadczymy usługi w zakresie obróbki metali w kierunku cięcia laserowego, gazowego metali oraz wytaczanie konstrukcji wielkogabarytowych. Doświadczona kadra specjalistów zapewnia kompleksową usługę - od projektu po wykonanie. Dysponujemy rozbudowanym parkiem maszynowym, w skład którego wchodzą Laser światłowodowy stół 2000x6000 mm palenie blachy czarnej do gr. 20 mm Wypalarka gazowa stoł 6000x12000 mm palenie blachy czarnej >200 mm Wytaczarka CNC stół 1800x2200 mm os X- 3500 oś Y - 2000 oś Z - 1250 oś W (pinola fi 130)-800 Masa detalu 12000 kg Zapraszamy również do współpracy w zakresie kompleksowego spawania konstrukcji stalowych - w tym wielkogabarytowych oraz nakładania powłok antykorozyjnych.

Sandblast Mateusz Augustyniak

Magnuszew, Żelazna Nowa 0,00 Km

The available machine park allows us to perform the most complex orders. We have a numerically controlled milling machine and Lathes we carry out even the most complex orders. The extraordinary precision of CNC milling is the result of working on the best equipment available on the market. This ensures that the milled element's parameters are maintained. We work with all types of materials such as construction, tool steels, aluminum, plastics and special materials. We carry out individual and serial orders.


Kuślin, Wąsowo ul. Poznańska 5 0,00 Km

We are a dynamically developing company focusing on new technologies and modern solutions. We specialize in machining, CAD and CAM. We carry out serial orders as well as individual projects, using materials entrusted by the client or our own. We make all kinds of machine parts, specialized tools and technological equipment. We offer the production of both simple and more complex elements using appropriately selected technology that guarantees high quality of products and services. We provide a wide range of services in the field of: - CNC machining, - saw cutting, - CAD / CAM design, - prototyping, - 3D scanning, - 3D printing, - making parts of machines and their modification, - technical consulting (including production optimization) , change in production technology).

TADEX S.C Robert Piłat Damian Piłat Kamil Piłat

Częstochowa, Aleja Pokoju 43a 0,00 Km

Our offer includes CNCR machining. We process orders in medium batches (from 1,000 to 10,000) and large (over 10,000) production series. We use material: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum and plastic. We make details where the diameter, diagonal is from 3 to 150 mm. The maximum length of details on turning centers is 250 mm, while on milling centers is 750/400/450 mm. Machining with a guarantee: - Individual approach to the customer - High quality Confirmation of our efforts in terms of quality improvement there is a certificate proving that since 03/01/2013 the quality management system we have introduced complies with the PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard. - Timeliness The integrated system that tracks the production of every detail makes our machining made on time and allows our clients to maintain their own production schedule.


Mielec, ul. Ks. Skargi 5/75 0,00 Km

We are offering CNC machining on 3 axial milling machine DECKEL MAHO DMC63V with axis travel: X/Y/Z 630/500/500 mm supported by CAD/CAM software. Milling machine has a stiff construction enabling production of precise elements with excellent surface quality. We're producing details from different materials such as non-ferrous metal ( e.g. aluminium ), steel, plastics ( e.g. poliamid PA6 ), cast iron ( e.g. GG20, GGG40). Quotations are carried out individually based on the customer's technical documentation. We invite you to cooperate and send inquiries to the address: Phone number: +48 512 738 708 Website address:


Jyväskylä, CENTRAL FINLAND 0,00 Km

Grundimagineering has been on the market since 2015 and provides comprehensive services in the area of supplier qualifications and price comparison of services and materials for the shipbuilding, offshore and processing industries. Combining the experience of our own team, partners and suppliers, activity evolves towards full service of projects at all stages, conceptual, analytical, technological and executive, taking responsibility for the achieved result, quality, timeliness and final price. Our vision of development assumes the use of the best industry knowledge acquired on the domestic and international market during the implementation of our projects in order to provide our clients with the most effective and proven industry solutions., contact 358 400 393 428