Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. (Sp. z o.o.)

Balice, ul. Krakowska 48 0,00 Km

Mitsubishi Electric Has been synonymous with global solutions in industrial automation technology and technological products present on world markets for almost 100 years. Mitsubishi Electric offers proven expertise in all areas, ranging from the development and manufacture of consumer and industrial goods to managing entire factories. Since 2011, we have been present in Europe with our newest range of laser cutting machines and automatic loading systems. We work with distributors on an exclusive basis, ones that offer a wide range of other supply options for machines that complement laser cutters and dispose of an advanced and professional service.

CKS Sp. z o.o.

Leżajsk, Stare Miasto 511 0,00 Km

The company specializes in the production of small-sized metal structures, laser cutting of sheet metal and bending of sheet metal on press brakes. In addition, we make laser-cut fence and gate panels as well as metal decorative elements for houses and gardens. We work with producers of machinery and equipment, steel constructions, furniture and the interior design and gardening industry.


Kraków, Domagały 1 0,00 Km

We comprehensively process metals, laser cut, bend, laser weld, weld, powder-paint, grind, cut with water, process elements mechanically. We also offer laser cutting in pipes and profiles. We laser cut individual details and small quantities for individual clients, as well as large series and tens of thousands of pieces for large enterprises (prototypes and unit quantities are not a problem) and large quantities are only to facilitate. CNC cutting metals significantly simplifies and speeds up the metal processing process, it is primarily a very precise cutting. Creating and constructing metal elements is our profession and something we know very well. We manufacture metal housings and boxes for individual orders. We have the most modern machinery park. We offer materials: stainless steel 0H18N9 (1.4301, 304), St3S, S235 and aluminum. Plexiglas (Plexiglas).

Biuro Usług Technicznych

Krosno, ul. Okulickiego 1A 0,00 Km

We will cooperate in the production of metal elements for your company that you use in your production or further resale. Services related to laser cutting of sheet metal, laser firing in pipes and profiles, bending on press brakes, welding, galvanizing, chrome plating and powder coating. Our previous experience in this field - associated with the production of such products for significant manufacturers in Europe allows us to guarantee the production of such and similar products at the highest level, with the required quality parameters while maintaining reasonable price relationships. We guarantee timely delivery. . We invite you to cooperate.

Altron laser cut

Nowy Targ, ul. Ludźmierska 29 0,00 Km

we offer laser cutting, bending and many other services related to the processing of steel and non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass and aluminum. We have a rich machine park with the latest machining centers, a laser cutter with press brakes and many other machines and devices.

STALBRAT S.C. P.P.T. Grygiel

Myszków, Dworska 21 0,00 Km

We specialize in the performance of: - steel construction elements - firing sheet metal wire -metalwork - garden elements - production of stirrups, reinforcements. We accept orders including untypical ones, according to the technical documentation received. We have a CNC plasma cutter (up to 20mm) and an automatic 2D wire bending machine (fi 2-6 smooth and ribbed). We provide transport and assembly.

M.P. CNC Przemysław Pawlęga

Środa Wielkopolska, Miętowa, 6/4 0,00 Km

Our company deals with metalworking: - CNC milling and manual-CNC turning-threading-cutting-drillingWe offer 15 years of experience in the metal industry, the highest quality of service, precision of execution, punctuality and competitive prices and professional service. We prepare offers individually, depending on the amount of work, the amount of details to be made, material, etc. We are happy to answer any inquiry. In case of any questions or doubts, we remain at your disposal.

Maltex - Adam Malczyszyn

Boguszów-Gorce, Reymonta 1d 0,00 Km

The Maltex company is an enterprise created from the interests and passions of the owner, which was founded in 1997 and has been providing the highest quality services for over 20 years and continuously exists on the market. All who are looking for a dynamically developing partner in the field of metal processing are invited to cooperate with our firma.Dysponujemy modern machine park, guaranteeing the maintenance of the highest quality of services provided.Nowoczesne technologies of metal machining in the field of laser cutting, bending, CNC machining, grinding and welding, makes us attractive in terms of timeliness and quality. As one of the few we have 3D laser and the latest generation of press brake for higher quality of our products. Our experience and knowledge in combination with the machine park we have at our disposal will meet the most demanding requirements. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer:



Over 40 years of experience. We offer: Plasma cutting and CNC laser rifling Milling chiselling Turning gears (conical-arched) welding grinding drilling


Zbójno, Zbójno 130B 0,00 Km

The SKRAWIT company executes orders for metal machining on manual lathes (turning, milling, chiselling, drilling), cutting with a cut-off machine, performs specialized threads, It is customer support in choosing the right machining technology. The advantage of the company are very short deadlines for the execution of orders. SKRAWIT specializes in the production of very durable rollers for crushers for forage harrows and other parts for agricultural and construction machinery, drilling, and repairs of machinery and equipment. The area of operation covers the local market, the area of the entire country (courier or pick-up) and abroad (courier shipment).


Zaniemyśl, Sienkiewicza, 11 0,00 Km

Our company mainly deals in the production of machinery and equipment. We also make small welded constructions. We work with many contractors, which is why we have the ability to comprehensively execute most orders.

Usługi Produkcyjne Stanisław Wiewiórka

Szczyrzyc, JANOWICE 209 0,00 Km

Our company deals with machining of steel. We provide production services based on designs or customer models. We only deal with serial production. Applied processing techniques of steel processing: - stamping - cutting of steel and aluminum sheets and profiles - pressing of steel elements - punching - bending of sheet elements and profiles - drilling, threading - building nails, screws and wire elements - welding services (MIG-MAG) - welding (spot) - anticorrosion protection of sheets with galvanic and varnish coatings - light steel constructions - transport services - we make fittings for tarpaulins - furniture fittings - fittings for wood - lighting fittings - fixtures for electrical devices - stainless steel details Cooperation with our company will reduce your costs production to the so-called minimum. Check and send us an inquiry or patterns of current demand.


Lubin, Przemysłowa, 14b 0,00 Km

PWM Metarol Sp. z oo in Lubin, province Lower Silesia. We would like to cooperate in the following topics. Our company has been on the market for over 20 years. Please, visit our photo gallery at We are happy to undertake permanent cooperation. We provide services such as: CNC machining on turning and milling centers. Welding of steel structures ,. Blasting ,. Powder painting,. Cutting plasma and oxygen, We also make parts for machinery and equipment. We invite you to cooperation.

Inter-Plast Z.Bodziachowska-Kluza Spółka Jawna

Częstochowa, Meliorantów 67 a,b 0,00 Km

The Inter-plast A.Bodziachowski company was founded in 1995. In 2013, the daughter company Inter-Plast Z.Bodziachowska-Kluza was established, continuing the existing profile of the company. For many years, our company provides in the field of sheet metal processing - Laser cutting of 2D and 3D sheets. Lasers: Trumpf 1005 3D - power 2500W / X: 4000 mm Y: 1500 mm Z: 700 mm Bystronic Bysppeed 3015 2D power 4400W / max thickness 20 mm / Table 3000x1500 mm. - Cutting sheet metal guillotine (Promecan GTH 425 - 6x2500 mm) - Sheet metal bending (Amada HFE M2 80 25mm length 2500 mm, Amada ITP S2 length 1200 mm, Amada Promecan ITPS 080 25 length 2500 mm, bending machine FASTI) - Welding (MIG, MAG, TIG and welding robots) - Shot blasting (OMSG CWB 8500 4T - max detail - width: 800 mm, height: 450 mm) - heating plugs (HBS TD 1501) We offer over 100 machines. .