Forming operations


Kościan, Nowy Lubosz, ul. Kościańska 15 0,00 Km

MAKRI Group sp. Z o. O. Sp. K. is located near Poznań. Is a dynamically developing company that specializes in bending pipes, square, rectangular, oval and atypical special profiles. The company implements projects of both simple and advanced details, as well as complete products requiring additional processes. We provide professional advice in the production of details and selection of the best material. We have two modern CNC pipe benders renowned Italian company MACRI. They have a number of modern technological solutions that allow bending details with diam. up to 65 mm and wall thickness up to 6 mm, with a precision of 0.1 mm. We carry out projects in a comprehensive manner. We also provide services in the field of general locksmithing (punching, laser burning, metalworking, sheet metal bending), TIG and MIG / MAG welding. We also have a powder paint shop, in cooperation we galvanize details.


Trzcianka, Mickiewicza 24 0,00 Km

Hello, he is an inventor constructor. I have a design and a smokeless grill prototype that is part of the current trend. This is a regular garden grill for normal barbecue charcoal. The materials are sheet steel, stainless steel (hearth, grate). The design is prior to patenting, so there is the possibility of joint patenting. Patent resources have been tested, there is no such project. I tested it for two years. This can be associated with current innovation funds

Doosan Babcock Energy Polska S.A.

Rybnik, Ul. Golejowska 73b 0,00 Km

With over 25 years of experience Doosan Babcock Energy Polska is an expert in the area of upkeeping the ongoing traffic, maintenance, renovation, modernisation and assembly. Our biggest strength is the complexity of performed services: prerenovation diagnosis with assessment of technical condition of components, preparation and prodution of replaced and renovated subassemblies, machining, execution of service, modernisation and assembly works, preparation of object for startup, development of documentation and postrenovation guidelines. The scope of our activity: Maintenance & Assembly, NDT & E and destructive testing, Production, Treatment (including large-scale and mobile treatment)

BWP Skórkiewicz Sp. J.

Olecko, Aleje Lipowe, 6A 0,00 Km

The main focus of our company is to supply railings and metal elements to a number of shipyards: our products can be seen on boats all over Europe. The market itself demands the highest quality and a large range of available products, which is why our machine park is very impressive for a company that hires a bit over one hundred people. We work in stainless steel and aluminum and our products include railings, fittings, fuel tanks, T Tops, ski towers, seat mechanisms, windshields, doors (also sliding doors) and many more. Despite our origins, we are not limited to marine industry and have an increasing number of orders from - for example - furniture manufacturers.


Nowy Kawęczyn, Prandotów 18A 0,00 Km

We invite you to cooperate in the field of sheet metal forming. Cutting, bending, shot blasting, welding, powder coating and 3d design of machinery and equipment. We have a technologically advanced machine park with modern CRP software.

Stelweld Sp. z o. o.

Jelcz-Laskowice, Inżynierska 34 0,00 Km

We offer free capacities in the scope of 2d and 3d laser cutting - sheets, profiles, pipes and powder coating.

STAL IMPEX Spółka z o.o.

Krosno, ul. Łukasiewicza 49 0,00 Km

In conjunction with the production of pipes and profiles, we additionally provide the following services: - laser cutting and drilling (2D & 3D); - pipes and profiles cutting to size (tolerance ± 0,3mm) - tube welding; - pipe bending service on a CNC bender with mandrel and on a three-roller bender; - punching and perforation; - end forming(e.g. coupling); - powder coating - pipes and profiles cutting to size (tolerance ± 0,3mm)

Centrum Kooperacji Przemysłowej Sp. z o.o.

Bielsko Biała, Ks.Józefa Londzina 47 0,00 Km

Jesteśmy doświadczonym zespołem konsultantów specjalizujących się w kompleksowej obsłudze w zakresie doradztwa technicznego oraz handlu z firmami produkcyjnymi. Pomagają firmom w nawiązaniu i prowadzeniu bezpośredniej współpracy z naszymi partnerami. Pozostajemy w stałym kontakcie z placówkami partnerskimi, co podnosi sprawność i skuteczność naszych działań, przy jednoczesnym ograniczeniu kosztów dla naszych Klientów. Ofertę kierujemy do podmiotów gospodarczych, które zainteresowane są bezpośrednią współpracą z firmami produkcyjnymi z pominięciem firm pośredniczących, co w znaczący sposób obniża koszty i zdecydowanie podnosi efektywność realizowanych projektów. W swojej działalności skupiamy się zarówno na obsłudze jednorazowych zleceń, jak również stałej współpracy na zasadzie zewnętrznego działu handlowego firm produkcyjnych. Gwarantujemy pełną poufność informacji uzyskanych dla Klientów podczas realizacji projektów oraz po ich zakończeniu.

ZPHU "Gański"

Natolin, Natolin 111 0,00 Km

CUTTING THICK SHEETS Gas cutting: Cutting Sheet St3So up to 130mm thick Plasma cutting: Cutting Sheet: - St3s: from 1mm to 25mm - INOX: from 1mm to 25mm - Aluminum: from 1 to 20mm and many others

ZWM Dojnikowscy Sp.J.

Suwałki, Majerskiego 8 0,00 Km

ZWM Dojnikowscy Sp.J. is a production and service company from the metal sector. We employ approx. 150 people for 4500m2 of production and storage space. Our machine park includes: 2kW 4x2m laser; plasma 2x6m; welding portal; milling machines; lathes; the press; powder paint shop up to 9.4m; wet paint shop up to 24m; 2 blast rooms up to 12m We work according to: ISO 9001; DIN EN 1090-1; DIN EN 3834-2 We manufacture constructions up to EXC3 We design in: SW Professional Simulation - 5 positions Products: Hall constructions, constructions for industry, constructions for agriculture, scaffoldings, floating platforms Special features: We process up to 200 tons / month We invite you to cooperation!

LUPRO Łukasz Trzciński

Kluki, Trząs 0,00 Km

The LUPRO Łukasz Trzciński company deals with the prefabrication of steel structures. We make steel constructions according to the Pn-EN 1090 standard in class EX2. In addition, we also deal with machining.

RKM Mendrala Krystian

Sędziszów, os.Sady 1/36 0,00 Km

Podstawowym przedmiotem działalności firmy RKM są usługi dla energetyki przemysłowej i ciepłownictwa w zakresie prowadzenia montaży mechanicznych kotłów wodnych oraz urządzeń energetycznych, instalacji oczyszczania spalin, elektrofiltrów, instalacji przemysłowych, rurociągów. Prefabrykacja kanałów spalin, powietrza, wykonanie konstrukcji stalowych, rurociągów przemysłowych. Koordynacja prac montażowych na kotłowniach w zakresie spawalniczym, montażowym, dźwigów, kontroli i badań nieniszczących. Kadrę stanowią osoby, dysponujące ugruntowaną wiedzą, zdobytą na wielu budowach.

Stark Inox

Sopot, Sportowa 15 0,00 Km

At Stark Inox we manufacture high-quality and customized stainless steel and aluminum products. We specialize in manufacturing high-quality, customized stainless steel pressure vessels. If you will need any structures made from stainless steel or aluminum we are ready to provide it for you. We have international experience. We implement projects requiring high precision. We manufacture single units as well as small-scale and large-scale series. Our production engineers coordinate the team of certified welders, grinders and turners also providing engineering service, consulting and design. We use certified Solidworks Professional software. We are certified by notified bodies: TÜV, SGS, UDT. Welders qualifications, as well as welding technologies, are supervised by a Welding Coordinator with IWE Diploma.

Compart Jakub Zając

Pabanice, Hermanów 34a 0,00 Km

The company deals with making a construction of industrial machines, ready-to-use mechanical devices, constructions and elements supporting production and logistics. We run a design and assembly department, it give us consistent contact which is maintained at every stage of order processing and shorter execution time. We have experience in the automotive and flexographic industry, we are constantly acquiring in the food industry. We prototype, implement new solutions and optimize existing ones.

Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno Usługowo Handlowe Inter-Castor Sp. z o.o.

Połupin, ul. Krośnieńska 5 0,00 Km

We are offering our services according to your project and requirements. Laser source: Ytterbium Fiber laser YLS produced by IPG Laser GmbH Laser power: 6000 W Max. working width: 2000 mm Max. working length: 6000 mm Max. sheet weight: 2100 kg Max. sheet thickness: – structural steel: 25 mm – stainless steel: 25 mm – aluminum: 20 mm – copper, brass: 12 mm