Laboratories and measurements

ZWM Dojnikowscy Sp.J.

Suwałki, Majerskiego 8 0,00 Km

ZWM Dojnikowscy Sp.J. is a production and service company from the metal sector. We employ approx. 150 people for 4500m2 of production and storage space. Our machine park includes: 2kW 4x2m laser; plasma 2x6m; welding portal; milling machines; lathes; the press; powder paint shop up to 9.4m; wet paint shop up to 24m; 2 blast rooms up to 12m We work according to: ISO 9001; DIN EN 1090-1; DIN EN 3834-2 We manufacture constructions up to EXC3 We design in: SW Professional Simulation - 5 positions Products: Hall constructions, constructions for industry, constructions for agriculture, scaffoldings, floating platforms Special features: We process up to 200 tons / month We invite you to cooperation!

RKM Mendrala Krystian

Sędziszów, os.Sady 1/36 0,00 Km

Podstawowym przedmiotem działalności firmy RKM są usługi dla energetyki przemysłowej i ciepłownictwa w zakresie prowadzenia montaży mechanicznych kotłów wodnych oraz urządzeń energetycznych, instalacji oczyszczania spalin, elektrofiltrów, instalacji przemysłowych, rurociągów. Prefabrykacja kanałów spalin, powietrza, wykonanie konstrukcji stalowych, rurociągów przemysłowych. Koordynacja prac montażowych na kotłowniach w zakresie spawalniczym, montażowym, dźwigów, kontroli i badań nieniszczących. Kadrę stanowią osoby, dysponujące ugruntowaną wiedzą, zdobytą na wielu budowach.

PIMONT sp z o.o.

Blachownia, Piastów 88 0,00 Km

Laser cutting of sheet metal 6000mmx2000mm, 3000mmx1500mm Sheet metal bending CNC 6000mm, 3000mm Production of welded steel structures

MK Konrad Michna

Rzeszów, ul. Osmeckiego 39/24 0,00 Km

Making 2D and 3D designs of various types of tooling. We have experience in the aviation and automotive industry. The possibility of making tooling also with the physical implementation of the project, parts, devices, machines.

A.Berger Polska Sp. z o.o.

Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Przyjaźni 47 A 0,00 Km

Our company Berger Poland expanded own capabilities in heat treatment processes. By combining new processes with our machines and the best experience in the field of turning, milling and grinding technology, we can offer our customers comprehensive production services in the field of metalworking. Our hardening department specializes from 2016 in inductive hardening. Our hardening line enables us to offer complex processes of heat treatment of steel, such as carburizing, carbonitriding, oil quenching, deep-freezing or tempering. If the offer appeals to you, please contact us. We would give you further information and speak with you concretely about the possible cooperation. We invite you to cooperation!

TOP FENCE Jarosław Grześkowiak

Piła, Długosza 11A 0,00 Km

GOOD DAY, DEAR CUSTOMERS, we are happy to cooperate in the field of steel constructions, steel and aluminum balustrades with glass filling, steel stairs, shelters, steel balconies, advertising pylons, technological platforms. We have our own production workshop and qualified welders so that we can meet the most demanding tasks. Recently, we have expanded our product range with technical steel stairs, stair towers, cages. Below is the link to the page: https: // We deal with design, production and assembly. The experience that we have acquired over the past few years, comprehensively implementing orders for developers and companies allows us to apply many solutions freely. Please contact us.

Zakłady Mechaniczne DANMAR

Łódź, Brzoskwiniowa 41 0,00 Km

Zakłady Mechaniczne Danmar started its activity at the end of the 1960s. In the initial phase of its existence, we dealt with the repair and renovation of textile machines. After over 40 years of activity, we cooperate with companies operating in various industries. Today our company, thanks to a qualified staff of 120 employees and a rich machine park, performs comprehensive metalworking. Our machine tools ensure the speed of production of details and obtain repeatability of parts with high accuracy. The machine tools we have in our machine park: • CNC lathes • Vertical milling centers • Laser • Edging machines • Band saws • Conventional lathes • Conventional milling machines • Center, centerless and flat grinders • Frame and table drills • Presses with pressure from 5 to 120 tons • Hobbing machines • Fellows slotting machines

EGAN Katarzyna Mucha

Topola Wielka, Długa 114 0,00 Km

!!! FREE POWER !!! The EGAN company is a company specializing in the production of plastic forming tools (stamping dies, dies, bending dies, special, manual, transfer and progressive tools) as well as welding instruments and gauges. Thanks to the fact that we have a press department, we can We also import tools and finished products from China, South Korea, Germany, etc. In addition, we offer services in the broadly understood field of toolmaking - machining, abrasive machining, erosive machining, welding and many many others more.!! We have a coordinate drilling and milling machine with a range of 1200mmx800mm, max workpiece weight 2.5T !! Please contact us to find out about the full EGAN offer

Zakład Metalowy Mirosław Głowa

Tuszów Narodowy, Tuszów Narodowy 388 0,00 Km

Zakład Metalowy Mirosław Głowa is a family company that has acquired a wealth of experience in the field of metal processing during 20 years of dynamic development. From the very beginning in 1998, metalworking and building steel structures were the core business of the company. For years, Zakład Metalowy Mirosław Głowa has been producing accessories for construction machinery. We specialize in the production of buckets, sweepers, snow plows, quick couplers for excavators, backhoe loaders and mini-excavators.

Bat Forum Maszyny i Technologie sp. Zoo

Starogard Gdański, Sucumin 37/3 0,00 Km

Manufacturer. We will accept orders for welding presses and various types of welded steel structures. We will accept orders for the design and manufacture of various types of industrial machinery and equipment for individual needs and requirements. We will accept orders for details on mechanical eccentric presses. As well as the production of parts and components according to the needs and requirements of customers. We have extensive experience in the design and construction of various types of industrial machines. We invite you to cooperation



We are a company specializing in the performance of all steel structures, both land and sea. We have a production hall in Gdańsk 860 m2 with a 5t crane, equipment and specialists in Gdańsk. We cooperate with contractors for both longer production and one-off contracts.


Gdańsk, Barniewicka 54F 0,00 Km

MS-Hydro sc has many years of experience in the implementation of orders consisting in the provision of machining services. A modern machine park allows us to fulfill orders for many industries. Thanks to the use of professional software and CNC digital machine tools, we can make unusual parts of very complex shapes in accordance with the provided technical documentation of the client. Modern measuring instruments allow us to constantly control the quality of the production performed. We undertake the implementation of large series, and we also accept orders for individual elements made of steel and We guarantee high-quality workmanship and quick order fulfillment. In our machining processes we use the following CNC machining methods: CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC machining, Drilling, Sawing, Threading, Welding, Sheet metal bending, Laser cutting

PPHU Włomet S.C. W.D.K. Śpiewak

Myszków, Kościuszki 144c 0,00 Km

We are a company with over fifty years of experience, operating in our country and abroad. Our company specializes in the production of all types of roller chains, roller chains, pin chains, and traction chains according to PN, DIN, ISO standards. We produce TRANSPORT, CONVEYOR chains, CHAIN BELTS and other non-standard chains according to documentation or templates. Our production offer also includes chains made of stainless, acid-resistant and heat-resistant steel. We also make CHAIN WHEELS and fulfill orders for CNC machining, and thanks to the rich and modern MAZAK park machine, we can offer you the highest quality services, such as precise TURNING AND MILLING. products as well as attractive delivery dates and commercial conditions.

P.I.W. Wifama-Prexer Sp.z o.o.

Łódź, Niciarniana 45 0,00 Km

In the field of pressure die casting, we make pressure die castings of aluminum alloys on machines with clamping forces from 200 to 900 tons. We have 17 cold chamber pressure machines from leading manufacturers at our customers' disposal. in receiving robots, spraying robots, pouring spoons and dosing furnaces. Metal melting for the needs of production is performed in three modern and fully automated shaft furnaces. All castings made in our company are subject to further processes, depending on the requirements: trimming, using hydraulic presses, during which the gating system is removed, shot blasting, during which castings are cleaned in hanging and ribbon devices, tumbling, during which sharp edges of castings are deburred with ceramic fittings.