Metal finishing

Usługi Produkcyjne Stanisław Wiewiórka

Szczyrzyc, JANOWICE 209 0,00 Km

Our company deals with machining of steel. We provide production services based on designs or customer models. We only deal with serial production. Applied processing techniques of steel processing: - stamping - cutting of steel and aluminum sheets and profiles - pressing of steel elements - punching - bending of sheet elements and profiles - drilling, threading - building nails, screws and wire elements - welding services (MIG-MAG) - welding (spot) - anticorrosion protection of sheets with galvanic and varnish coatings - light steel constructions - transport services - we make fittings for tarpaulins - furniture fittings - fittings for wood - lighting fittings - fixtures for electrical devices - stainless steel details Cooperation with our company will reduce your costs production to the so-called minimum. Check and send us an inquiry or patterns of current demand.


Zaniemyśl, Sienkiewicza, 11 0,00 Km

Our company mainly deals in the production of machinery and equipment. We also make small welded constructions. We work with many contractors, which is why we have the ability to comprehensively execute most orders.


Lubin, Przemysłowa, 14b 0,00 Km

PWM Metarol Sp. z oo in Lubin, province Lower Silesia. We would like to cooperate in the following topics. Our company has been on the market for over 20 years. Please, visit our photo gallery at We are happy to undertake permanent cooperation. We provide services such as: CNC machining on turning and milling centers. Welding of steel structures ,. Blasting ,. Powder painting,. Cutting plasma and oxygen, We also make parts for machinery and equipment. We invite you to cooperation.

Inter-Plast Z.Bodziachowska-Kluza Spółka Jawna

Częstochowa, Meliorantów 67 a,b 0,00 Km

The Inter-plast A.Bodziachowski company was founded in 1995. In 2013, the daughter company Inter-Plast Z.Bodziachowska-Kluza was established, continuing the existing profile of the company. For many years, our company provides in the field of sheet metal processing - Laser cutting of 2D and 3D sheets. Lasers: Trumpf 1005 3D - power 2500W / X: 4000 mm Y: 1500 mm Z: 700 mm Bystronic Bysppeed 3015 2D power 4400W / max thickness 20 mm / Table 3000x1500 mm. - Cutting sheet metal guillotine (Promecan GTH 425 - 6x2500 mm) - Sheet metal bending (Amada HFE M2 80 25mm length 2500 mm, Amada ITP S2 length 1200 mm, Amada Promecan ITPS 080 25 length 2500 mm, bending machine FASTI) - Welding (MIG, MAG, TIG and welding robots) - Shot blasting (OMSG CWB 8500 4T - max detail - width: 800 mm, height: 450 mm) - heating plugs (HBS TD 1501) We offer over 100 machines. .

Zabłocki CNC

Szubin, Szubin Wieś 19 0,00 Km

The company specializes in the machining of metals and plastics in the field of milling and turning machining centers. The most important goal is to deliver products that meet the requirements of world, European and Polish technical standards and requirements and needs of our customers so that their satisfaction contributed to the development and strengthening the company's position in the market. We want the company logo was associated us and our customers with trust, credibility, professionalism in planning and implementing products and services and professional customer service at every stage of our business.

Woźniak Tomasz

Radom, Olsztynska 26d/17 0,00 Km

I provide services in the scope of machining of technological tooling in a full range of demands. DESIGNING AND IMPLEMENTATIONautomatization of industrial forms, stamping dies, punching and precision parts of machines and devicescontrol and measuring instruments (tests) creation of technical documentation and design of machine components. Cooperation with maintenance departments. PROCESSES. Conventional machining and CNC machining electroinstallation. our production is the replacement production of precise parts and sets of machines and devices as part of the cooperation of existing agreements. For our partners, we produce prototypes of tools and machine parts. Furthermore, we perform operations on behalf of our customers: conventional milling and CNC - 1200 x 600 mm conventional and CNC milling to 1000 milling planes sanding rolls grinding holes wire and plunging

G.B.E. sp z o.o.

Żagań, Kożuchowska 5, 68-100 Żagań 0,00 Km

We have spare capacity in the field of sheet metal processing; straightening longitudinal longitudinal cutting from a coil, cutting, bending, pressing, welding, powder coating.

FABER Obróbka Metalu

Olsztyn, Towarowa 22 0,00 Km

Professional production of metal and plastic details. Tools. Instruments. Parts. We provide services: CNC milling Turning: fi400 lengh 1000 Miling: x-800 y-300 z-400 Drilling: radial drilling table: x-400 y-400 z-400 Regeneration wastes - padding, nominal dimension reproductionGuilding We cooperate with co-operators: - black oxidation of metals : x-500 y-500 z-500, - wire electrode (accuracy of performance up to 0.01 mm), - water jet cutting, - laser cutting, - black and acid resistant steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys, - powder coating, galvanizing, - head treatment (hardening, tempering, annealing), - hard anodizing, colored anodizing.


05-100 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Towarowa 1 0,00 Km

We deal with complex processing of metal elements. We provide services such as cnc laser cutting, sheet metal bending, metalworking of processed products, construction welding and assembly of components in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We also deal with varnishing (powder and wet) elements. Thanks to the technology of cutting and bending sheet metal on CNC machines - we operate quickly and efficiently. The advantage of our company is the lean approach in company management and production as well as continuous loss elimination process, which translates, among other things, into low administration costs. Thanks to this, we are perceived on the market as a very competitive price company. At the same time, we focus on quality. It is the most important for us, both in terms of the service or the product being manufactured, as well as customer service. We invite you to cooperate with our company!

JARSON Jarosław Szmytowski

Gostyń, ul. Wrocławska 44a 0,00 Km

We are a company that provides services in the field of: CNC milling (1250x800x800) CNC turning (diameter 400, length 600mm) Surface grinding, shafts and holes, Welding MIG / MAG / TIG turning and milling conventional. We invite you to cooperation. Highest quality and short deadlines.

KERM PLUS Sp. z o.o. S.K.A.

Aleksandrów Łódzki, Placydowska 10 0,00 Km

We deal with metal machining, welding with mig mag method and pulsating currents, as well as soldering of independent metals. In terms of machining, we can offer: • turning, • milling, • drilling, • threading, numerically controlled machine tools: OKUMA, HAAS, AVIA as well as conventional ones. Using the services of external companies, we are able to combine machining with galvanic finish of the details we manufacture, among others silver plating, tinning, zinc plating, nickel plating and heat treatment - hardening. ISO 9001 quality system implemented in the company provides a comprehensive approach to quality and production optimization.

Eleketrobudowa S.A

Modła Kolonia 3B, Stare Miasto 0,00 Km

We offer a wide range of processing of ferrous metals, aluminum, bronze, brass, plastics, ordinary steel, stainless steel and acid resistant steel. We make components and entire components in accordance with the technological documentation of the client and their own construction and design department. We provide the highest quality of components, each of which undergoes thorough quality control. If you are interested in our services, I would like to contact me via email or telephone. I would like to propose a meeting where I could introduce our company and present the details. I invite you to send inquiries.

Carl Stahl Tech Service Sp. z o.o.

Cychry, Spokojna 3 0,00 Km

Carl Stahl Tech Service in the scope of design and production offers: - precise execution of details on a multi-axis CNC machine based on customer design documentation, unit and serial implementation - optimization of machining processes using NX-CAM - preparation of production from scratch "problem, solution, design, a comprehensive design "using our Construction Department. We specialize in difficult and personalized projects, from simple constructions to automated systems related to the optimization of work processes. Welding works we make all kinds of steel constructions, precise instruments from practically all available materials, non-ferrous metals, titanium, aluminum, etc. We provide professional technical service, competitive prices and quality of services. We invite you to cooperation.

Fama Sp. z o.o.

Gniew, ul. Przemysłowa 1 0,00 Km

In addition to the production of products constructed by us, we manufacture parts and equipment based on documentation entrusted by the customer. We have extensive experience gained through the production of such machine and equipment components as: chain hoists and conveyor systems for mining, winches, gears for winches, aggregates and engines hydraulic, gears, bodies, foundations, frames, wheels and gears. We work with clients from the following industries: mining, maritime, energy, construction machinery.


Ożarów Mazowiecki, Koprki 0,00 Km

The CNC department of our company deals in the production of parts, plastic parts - PE, PP, PVC, etc. We offer: - QUALITY PREMIUM of manufactured parts - it is provided by a modern, rigid CNC milling machine and a large cutting tool magazine- JUST IN TIME - our timeliness - we work in a three-shift system, to make every order arrive to you on time! - SAVE TIME - short lead time - we have over 70 tons of material in stock, material availability is missing - EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE - comprehensive execution - you order from us: material, cut , turning, welding and welding by experienced AMARGO Welders' Team - OPTIMIZATION OF COSTS - competitive price - 4000x2000 mm working field enables the execution of hundreds of elements on one board, significantly optimizing production costs