Metal finishing

RKM Mendrala Krystian

Sędziszów, os.Sady 1/36 0,00 Km

Podstawowym przedmiotem działalności firmy RKM są usługi dla energetyki przemysłowej i ciepłownictwa w zakresie prowadzenia montaży mechanicznych kotłów wodnych oraz urządzeń energetycznych, instalacji oczyszczania spalin, elektrofiltrów, instalacji przemysłowych, rurociągów. Prefabrykacja kanałów spalin, powietrza, wykonanie konstrukcji stalowych, rurociągów przemysłowych. Koordynacja prac montażowych na kotłowniach w zakresie spawalniczym, montażowym, dźwigów, kontroli i badań nieniszczących. Kadrę stanowią osoby, dysponujące ugruntowaną wiedzą, zdobytą na wielu budowach.

Stark Inox

Sopot, Sportowa 15 0,00 Km

At Stark Inox we manufacture high-quality and customized stainless steel and aluminum products. We specialize in manufacturing high-quality, customized stainless steel pressure vessels. If you will need any structures made from stainless steel or aluminum we are ready to provide it for you. We have international experience. We implement projects requiring high precision. We manufacture single units as well as small-scale and large-scale series. Our production engineers coordinate the team of certified welders, grinders and turners also providing engineering service, consulting and design. We use certified Solidworks Professional software. We are certified by notified bodies: TÜV, SGS, UDT. Welders qualifications, as well as welding technologies, are supervised by a Welding Coordinator with IWE Diploma.

Compart Jakub Zając

Pabanice, Hermanów 34a 0,00 Km

The company deals with making a construction of industrial machines, ready-to-use mechanical devices, constructions and elements supporting production and logistics. We run a design and assembly department, it give us consistent contact which is maintained at every stage of order processing and shorter execution time. We have experience in the automotive and flexographic industry, we are constantly acquiring in the food industry. We prototype, implement new solutions and optimize existing ones.

Fabryka Maszyn Tarnów Łukasz Świderski & Józef Świderski Spółka Cywilna

Woezrchosławice, Wierzchosławice 42 0,00 Km

We are a Polish manufacturer of machine tools, i.e. lathes of the TUJ, TAR, LZ series and grinders for cylinders and RUP holes. Thanks to our extensive machine park, we also offer machining.


Konin, Brunatna 35 0,00 Km

Laser - Steel offers laser cutting of various types of metal sheets and bending of details with press brakes. We serve business and retail clients. We invite you to cooperate and contact our Customer Service. welcome to our website

PIMONT sp z o.o.

Blachownia, Piastów 88 0,00 Km

Laser cutting of sheet metal 6000mmx2000mm, 3000mmx1500mm Sheet metal bending CNC 6000mm, 3000mm Production of welded steel structures

MK Konrad Michna

Rzeszów, ul. Osmeckiego 39/24 0,00 Km

Making 2D and 3D designs of various types of tooling. We have experience in the aviation and automotive industry. The possibility of making tooling also with the physical implementation of the project, parts, devices, machines.

Lakiernia Elektrostatyczna Łukasz Widera

Częstochowa, Biała, ul. Jasnogórska 169 0,00 Km

Lakiernia Elektrostatyczna Łukasz Widera. WE OFFER: - powder coating of metal and aluminum elements - powder coating of steel, cast iron, brass, copper, bronze - mechanical and chemical preparation of the surface before painting - grinding of pipes and rods on automatic machines - grinding of elements for nickel - drilling - sanding .

Firma Komet

Inowrocław, Solankowa 51 0,00 Km

The main area of transfer are industrial technologies that allow you to quickly determine their commercial value and degree of innovation. The verification consists of: 1. checking if a given process (device or installation) really works and meets the expected tasks; 2. a visit to the producer (at OBR or the Institute) to check the copyright, legal forms of the transfer; 3. drafting relevant agreements to transfer technology; 4. defining the required formalities resulting from the EU Machinery Directives and other in accordance with the relevant Acts; - they have the features of a commercial design; - they replace "old" technological or production processes; - whether there is a potential outlet; - the undertaking to start production is an investment with a quick return on capital; - launching a full turnkey production installation together with the necessary documentation;

SPM Marek Banaś

Bolesław, Bolesław 139 0,00 Km

SPM to firma z wieloletnim doświadczeniem w zakresie efektywnej obróbki materiałów ze stali i tworzyw sztucznych. W procesie produkcyjnym wykorzystujemy nowoczesne maszyny CNC o wysokiej wydajności pracy. Obróbka CNC obejmuje szeroki wachlarz usług min. obróbka skrawaniem, frezowanie CNC oraz toczenie CNC. Obróbka materiałów: stal, stal nierdzewna, metale, aluminium, miedź, mosiądz, plastik.

A.Berger Polska Sp. z o.o.

Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Przyjaźni 47 A 0,00 Km

Our company Berger Poland expanded own capabilities in heat treatment processes. By combining new processes with our machines and the best experience in the field of turning, milling and grinding technology, we can offer our customers comprehensive production services in the field of metalworking. Our hardening department specializes from 2016 in inductive hardening. Our hardening line enables us to offer complex processes of heat treatment of steel, such as carburizing, carbonitriding, oil quenching, deep-freezing or tempering. If the offer appeals to you, please contact us. We would give you further information and speak with you concretely about the possible cooperation. We invite you to cooperation!

TOP FENCE Jarosław Grześkowiak

Piła, Długosza 11A 0,00 Km

GOOD DAY, DEAR CUSTOMERS, we are happy to cooperate in the field of steel constructions, steel and aluminum balustrades with glass filling, steel stairs, shelters, steel balconies, advertising pylons, technological platforms. We have our own production workshop and qualified welders so that we can meet the most demanding tasks. Recently, we have expanded our product range with technical steel stairs, stair towers, cages. Below is the link to the page: https: // We deal with design, production and assembly. The experience that we have acquired over the past few years, comprehensively implementing orders for developers and companies allows us to apply many solutions freely. Please contact us.