Surface protection

FAMUR SA Systemy Transportowe Pioma

Piotrków Trybunalski, Romana Dmowskiego 38 0,00 Km

Grupa FAMUR to ponad sto lat doświadczenia i zaawansowana myśl inżynierska, które wpływają na zwiększanie efektywności i bezpieczeństwa pracy odbiorców naszych rozwiązań. W Oddziale Systemów Transportowych PIOMA świadczymy usługi w zakresie obróbki metali w kierunku cięcia laserowego, gazowego metali oraz wytaczanie konstrukcji wielkogabarytowych. Doświadczona kadra specjalistów zapewnia kompleksową usługę - od projektu po wykonanie. Dysponujemy rozbudowanym parkiem maszynowym, w skład którego wchodzą Laser światłowodowy stół 2000x6000 mm palenie blachy czarnej do gr. 20 mm Wypalarka gazowa stoł 6000x12000 mm palenie blachy czarnej >200 mm Wytaczarka CNC stół 1800x2200 mm os X- 3500 oś Y - 2000 oś Z - 1250 oś W (pinola fi 130)-800 Masa detalu 12000 kg Zapraszamy również do współpracy w zakresie kompleksowego spawania konstrukcji stalowych - w tym wielkogabarytowych oraz nakładania powłok antykorozyjnych.


Mielec, Pogodna 3 0,00 Km

We offer metal machining services on a modern machine park. In the range of custom-made services, our company has great capabilities in the field of metal machining, having a modern and diversified machine park and a qualified crew. We work with elements from a variety of materials: - ordinary and alloy steels, - stainless, acid-resistant and heat-resistant steels, - non-ferrous metals ( copper, aluminum) - colored alloys (brass, bronze). We work on details based on drawings and guidelines provided by the customer as well as our own documentation and technological process from entrusted or own materials

Save-Tech Poland Sp. z o.o.

Sosnowiec, Mireckiego 22/4 0,00 Km

We have spare capacity on the machines: DMU 75 MONOBLOCK KOVOSVIT MAS MCV1270 Kovosvit MAS 1000 KOVOSVIT MAS SP280 TRENS SBL500 TRENS SE520 CARLS ZEISS CONTURA https: // Radek Hodánek SALES PRODUCTION MANAGER tel: +420 725 574 916 mail:


Suwałki, Zielone Kamedulskie 27 0,00 Km

We are a family company that has been machining for three generations. The highest quality of products is guaranteed by qualified staff working on technologically advanced CNC machines: MAZAK, HAAS, PILOUS. As we are a dynamically developing company equipped with the highest quality equipment, we are able to establish cooperation with many industries in various countries around the world. Please contact us.


Kościan, Nowy Lubosz, ul. Kościańska 15 0,00 Km

MAKRI Group sp. Z o. O. Sp. K. is located near Poznań. Is a dynamically developing company that specializes in bending pipes, square, rectangular, oval and atypical special profiles. The company implements projects of both simple and advanced details, as well as complete products requiring additional processes. We provide professional advice in the production of details and selection of the best material. We have two modern CNC pipe benders renowned Italian company MACRI. They have a number of modern technological solutions that allow bending details with diam. up to 65 mm and wall thickness up to 6 mm, with a precision of 0.1 mm. We carry out projects in a comprehensive manner. We also provide services in the field of general locksmithing (punching, laser burning, metalworking, sheet metal bending), TIG and MIG / MAG welding. We also have a powder paint shop, in cooperation we galvanize details.


Trzcianka, Mickiewicza 24 0,00 Km

Hello, he is an inventor constructor. I have a design and a smokeless grill prototype that is part of the current trend. This is a regular garden grill for normal barbecue charcoal. The materials are sheet steel, stainless steel (hearth, grate). The design is prior to patenting, so there is the possibility of joint patenting. Patent resources have been tested, there is no such project. I tested it for two years. This can be associated with current innovation funds

Doosan Babcock Energy Polska S.A.

Rybnik, Ul. Golejowska 73b 0,00 Km

With over 25 years of experience Doosan Babcock Energy Polska is an expert in the area of upkeeping the ongoing traffic, maintenance, renovation, modernisation and assembly. Our biggest strength is the complexity of performed services: prerenovation diagnosis with assessment of technical condition of components, preparation and prodution of replaced and renovated subassemblies, machining, execution of service, modernisation and assembly works, preparation of object for startup, development of documentation and postrenovation guidelines. The scope of our activity: Maintenance & Assembly, NDT & E and destructive testing, Production, Treatment (including large-scale and mobile treatment)

BWP Skórkiewicz Sp. J.

Olecko, Aleje Lipowe, 6A 0,00 Km

The main focus of our company is to supply railings and metal elements to a number of shipyards: our products can be seen on boats all over Europe. The market itself demands the highest quality and a large range of available products, which is why our machine park is very impressive for a company that hires a bit over one hundred people. We work in stainless steel and aluminum and our products include railings, fittings, fuel tanks, T Tops, ski towers, seat mechanisms, windshields, doors (also sliding doors) and many more. Despite our origins, we are not limited to marine industry and have an increasing number of orders from - for example - furniture manufacturers.

Urdiamant Sp. z o. o.

Bielsko-Biała, ul. Katowicka 3 0,00 Km

Urdiamant specializes in the production of high quality diamond materials (pastes, powders) and tools (for example: grinding wheels, laces, files) for processing. Our company is also responsible for drilling equipment for geology and mining, as well as for oil and gas exploration companies. Our tools are characterized by high durability, professional workmanship, and our main groups of products are: - Diamond and borazon grinding wheels for machining cemented carbide or HSS - Diamond tools for processing glass, electro-porcelain, ceramics: grinding wheels, saws, drills, reamers, etc. - Other tools diamond: dressers, pastes, powders, files, indenters, dies, honing stones, etc. - Diamond tools for the construction and stone industry: saws, cutters, lace, segments, etc. - Diamond tools for drilling for geology, mining, oil and gas, e.g. crowns, drills, calibration rings etc.

Lamdo Sp. Z O. O.

Węgorzewo, Portowa 37 0,00 Km

The LAMDO company offers services with the CNC machine tool for the production of: · Models · Forms · Prototypes · Furniture, furniture in combination with composites · Built-in yachts together with assembly The manufactured elements are made of our own and entrusted material. We carry out small-lot and high-volume unit production. In our machine park we have: · 5-axis CNC machine LAMBDA ST milling machine with a working field - 4000 x 2000 x 1000 mm · Edgebander with pre-milling · Varnishing and heating chamber · Vacuum aggregate · Format saw · Set of metalworking machines We process the following materials: - solid wood, plywood, glued panels - MDF boards - composites - aluminum - steel LAMDO SP. Z OOUl. Sympatyczna 39 B11-500 AntonowoTel: 535-536-404e-mail:


Nowy Kawęczyn, Prandotów 18A 0,00 Km

We invite you to cooperate in the field of sheet metal forming. Cutting, bending, shot blasting, welding, powder coating and 3d design of machinery and equipment. We have a technologically advanced machine park with modern CRP software.



ZM KOLNO S.A. as a leading international producer of high quality technological tooling for machine tools, it constantly improves and develops its product offer in both quantity and quality. The company's achievements have been recognized by Puls Biznesu and the Polish Agency of Entrepreneurship. Currently, an EU project is being implemented under the Regional Operational Program: "Launching the production of modern tool holders thanks to the implementation of innovative solutions in the production plant of ZM Kolno S.A." worth PLN 14 million.


Łukta, ul. Kościelna 6 0,00 Km

We are a producer of high quality metal and plastic products. We have been operating in the machining industry since 1997. The crew consists of qualified constructors, technologists and toolmakers with many years of experience. We have a comprehensive machine park that we are systematically modernizing. As part of the technologies we use, we use certified materials of proven producers. We are a supplier of reputable domestic and foreign companies. This cooperation results in the production experience gained. The involvement of all employees and strong motivation to ensure high quality of products and services made strengthens our position on the market, enabling the further development of the company and its employees. We are convinced that this positively distinguishes us from the competition.

STAL IMPEX Spółka z o.o.

Krosno, ul. Łukasiewicza 49 0,00 Km

In conjunction with the production of pipes and profiles, we additionally provide the following services: - laser cutting and drilling (2D & 3D); - pipes and profiles cutting to size (tolerance ± 0,3mm) - tube welding; - pipe bending service on a CNC bender with mandrel and on a three-roller bender; - punching and perforation; - end forming(e.g. coupling); - powder coating - pipes and profiles cutting to size (tolerance ± 0,3mm)