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jurij morozow

Kopaln 10 , 01-400 Warszawa
Jedna obrabiarka CNC

Przedsiębiorstwo Innowacyjno-Wdrożeniowe WIFAMA - PREXER Sp z o. o.

Niciarniana , 92-320 Łódź
A company with many years of experience offers metalworking services. We offer free processing capacity of a carousel lathe, maximum turning diameter Ø2500 X = 1600 mm. Please contact us

P.I.W. Wifama-Prexer Sp.z o.o.

Niciarniana 45 , 92-320 Łódź
In the field of pressure die casting, we make pressure die castings of aluminum alloys on machines with clamping forces from 200 to 900 tons. We have 17 cold chamber pressure machines from leading manufacturers at our customers' disposal. in receiving robots, spraying robots, pouring spoons and dosing furnaces. Metal melting for the needs of production is performed in three modern and fully automated shaft furnaces. All castings made in our company are subject to further processes, depending on the requirements: trimming, using hydraulic presses, during which the gating system is removed, shot blasting, during which castings are cleaned in hanging and ribbon devices, tumbling, during which sharp edges of castings are deburred with ceramic fittings.


MECHANICAL PROCESSING OF STEEL Our company specializes in the mechanical processing of steel. We provide production services, such as: - Sheets and profiles cutting of all kinds of sections, - Sheet metal bending services, - MIG-MAG, TIG welding services, - Steel stamping services, - Punching services, die-cutting, cutting details by mechanical method, - Spot welding services, - Steel processing services (stamping, punching, die-cutting), - Sheet metal processing services up to 20 mm thick. (sleepers, I-sections, C-sections), - Production services, prototypes - patterns for serial production, - Multi-series services - small labor-intensive details, - Steel processing services (light structures, frames, etc. details), - Transport services up to 12 tons. Cooperation with our company has many benefits, including: - reduction of production costs by commissioning us to produce, - finished parts are delivered to the assembly halls, - convenient terms of cooperation.

CNC MOLD - Dariusz Piwowarski

Wrzosowa , 42-263 Brzeziny Kolonia
CNCMILLING Our specialty is CNC milling of various types of materials - non-ferrous metals and steel, wood, plastics and many others. All tasks are performed on modern and efficient machines numerically controlled on the basis of delivered projects in the form of CAD or technical drawing. We offer comprehensive machining services in the full range - from CNC milling, through CNC cutting and turning, to engraving and threading.

Firma Komet

Solankowa 51 , 88-100 Inowrocław
The main area of transfer are industrial technologies that allow you to quickly determine their commercial value and degree of innovation. The verification consists of: 1. checking if a given process (device or installation) really works and meets the expected tasks; 2. a visit to the producer (at OBR or the Institute) to check the copyright, legal forms of the transfer; 3. drafting relevant agreements to transfer technology; 4. defining the required formalities resulting from the EU Machinery Directives and other in accordance with the relevant Acts; - they have the features of a commercial design; - they replace "old" technological or production processes; - whether there is a potential outlet; - the undertaking to start production is an investment with a quick return on capital; - launching a full turnkey production installation together with the necessary documentation;

MK Konrad Michna

ul. Osmeckiego 39/24 , 35-506 Rzeszów
Making 2D and 3D designs of various types of tooling. We have experience in the aviation and automotive industry. The possibility of making tooling also with the physical implementation of the project, parts, devices, machines.

Centrum Kooperacji Przemysłowej Sp. z o.o.

Ks.Józefa Londzina 47 , 43-382 Bielsko Biała
Jesteśmy doświadczonym zespołem konsultantów specjalizujących się w kompleksowej obsłudze w zakresie doradztwa technicznego oraz handlu z firmami produkcyjnymi. Pomagają firmom w nawiązaniu i prowadzeniu bezpośredniej współpracy z naszymi partnerami. Pozostajemy w stałym kontakcie z placówkami partnerskimi, co podnosi sprawność i skuteczność naszych działań, przy jednoczesnym ograniczeniu kosztów dla naszych Klientów. Ofertę kierujemy do podmiotów gospodarczych, które zainteresowane są bezpośrednią współpracą z firmami produkcyjnymi z pominięciem firm pośredniczących, co w znaczący sposób obniża koszty i zdecydowanie podnosi efektywność realizowanych projektów. W swojej działalności skupiamy się zarówno na obsłudze jednorazowych zleceń, jak również stałej współpracy na zasadzie zewnętrznego działu handlowego firm produkcyjnych. Gwarantujemy pełną poufność informacji uzyskanych dla Klientów podczas realizacji projektów oraz po ich zakończeniu.

JAGODA JPS Agromachines

15c pamietna , 96-100 Skierniewice
JAGODA JPS Agromachines is a leading designer and manufacturer of agriculture and orchard machinery. We specialize in horticulture machines, fruit harvesting and orchard care solutions. JAGODA range includes well designed and quality machines including berry harvesters also stone fruit harvesters as well as planters, weeders, mower-shredders, boom sprayers and more. Since 1997 we have delivered value to orchard growers in Europe as well as New Zealand and South Korea. We sell and service our machines to over 20 countries.

Lamdo Sp. Z O. O.

Portowa 37 , 11-600 Węgorzewo
The LAMDO company offers services with the CNC machine tool for the production of: · Models · Forms · Prototypes · Furniture, furniture in combination with composites · Built-in yachts together with assembly The manufactured elements are made of our own and entrusted material. We carry out small-lot and high-volume unit production. In our machine park we have: · 5-axis CNC machine LAMBDA ST milling machine with a working field - 4000 x 2000 x 1000 mm · Edgebander with pre-milling · Varnishing and heating chamber · Vacuum aggregate · Format saw · Set of metalworking machines We process the following materials: - solid wood, plywood, glued panels - MDF boards - composites - aluminum - steel LAMDO SP. Z OOUl. Sympatyczna 39 B11-500 AntonowoTel: 535-536-404e-mail: